Download Microsoft Kaizala Mobile App | Microsoft Kaizala App for Teacher Online Hajari

Microsoft Kaizala Mobile Application Download | Microsoft Kaizala App for School online Hajri

Microsoft Kaizala is a simple and secure mobile messaging app for large group communications and work management. It lets people easily communicate across and within organizations. Kaizala makes it easy to connect with colleagues, vendors, distributors, partners, and customers using a simple chat interface.

Kaizala Mobile App lets you send instant messages, Kaizala Actions, and invoices. It also lets you easily schedule work, provide training materials, and send attachments like pictures, documents, videos, audio files, and more. Kaizala enables instant feedback from others about anything you want. With Kaizala Actions, you can send out polls and surveys to thousands of people. Everyone’s responses are automatically aggregated and presented in a readable report.

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How to Install Microsoft Kaizala App:

  • ● On your mobile device, download Microsoft Kaizala from the Google Play Store.
  • ● Tap Get started.
  • ● Enter your name and phone number, and then tap Next.
  • ● Allow Kaizala to verify your phone number and import your contacts list.
  • ● You are ready to set up your profile and start using Kaizala.

Set up profile in Kaizala App

  • ● At the bottom of the screen, tap Profile  Image of the Me tab in Kaizala .
  • ● Tap your name or the edit profile icon to add your designation, location, and email address.
  • ● Tap the camera icon to update your profile picture.
  • ● Tap the edit status icon to update your status.

Primary Teacher Online Attendance ~ Teacher Online Hajari App:

Kaizala App Request Location - Use to request the current location of Kaizala users. This helps in areas of marking attendance, or tracking the presence of your team at any point in time. Use to share real-time photo information with others, along with the GPS coordinates which show where the photo was taken. For example, with a single tap, team members can share a geo-tagged picture with others. This can be used to confirm that a specific task has been completed at a specific location. It can also be used for location-based attendance.

Features of Microsoft Kaizala App

Announcement - Use to make key announcements or share updates with your team. Announcements are a great way to share a message across groups in an organization or in a broadcast group.

Job - Use to assign jobs to people and track their completion status through chat messages.

Let's Meet - Use to send quick meeting invitations.

Photo with Location - Use to share real-time photo information with others, along with the GPS coordinates which show where the photo was taken.

Share Location - Use to share the location of your team members or phonebook contacts using Kaizala.

Quick Poll - Use to design a custom poll to gather information from your team or from your customers.

Survey & Checklist - use a poll and a survey. use to share a list of tasks with a person or group.

Microsoft Kaizala app Download Link:

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