12000 LRD Recruitment Comming soon Related News Report.

12000 LRD Recruitment Comming soon Related News Report.

November month ma 12000 LRD ni Bharti Thase... Pradipsinh Jadeja ni Jaherat.

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Flying is now eye-catching,
Simplicity is attached to Anne Hai.

Will hard roads spoil?
It is a classic companion in travel.

Alive this will now color the color,
At the moment, there is hope.

All will be fruitful now,
Distance I really like that.

The relationship will be green,
The reason is the sagging from time to time.

Today the games of the primary teachers of the district organized by the district primary teachers union have been completed in a very good atmosphere and in a joyous manner. The semi-final and final matches of cricket are pending. The remaining nine games have been completed.  Congratulations to all of you. Congratulations to all the winning friends and congratulations to all the friends who participated in the game and also to all the friends who did not succeed. Hon.  Sports Officer Rakeshbhai Saheb and Senior Coach Poonamban also attended the opening program.  Sandeepbhai who assisted in the planning of the work sequence.  Rajubhai, Rajendrasinh, Ketanbhai, Sagar Bhai, Survey Taluka, District Sangh office bearers, Survey Critical Friends as well as all the friends who made the program a success.  Forgive me if I made a mistake.  Thank you again survey friends.

When a Bird is alive, it eats Ants, But When the Bird is dead, Ants Eat the Bird. Time and Circumstances Can change at any time. Don't Devalue or Hurt anyone in life. You May be Powerful today, but remember, time is more powerful than you
The move should instill a little love in the man,
The vines should be fenced later.

If it happens, one son should be persuaded,
That is how old houses should be vacated.

To learn how water becomes tears here,
Valsoy's daughter should be turned away from home.

Relationships, friends,
They should run on each other's shoulders.

The world is easily conquered,
We must defeat this first.

Nothing but a horse
The swing can still be swinged,
But if you feel hungry, either again
Taking a thumb in the mouth and sucking?

Take the curiosity to learn something
Can go to school college again,
Also run to play throwing the briefcase
Where can this be done now?

Not on the tree but in the collar tune
Cuckoos can be heard,
But either way again
Can a cuckoo be teased?

Clapping with friends is still a
Joan can laugh out loud,
Also get a favorite thing
Where is Bhenkado crying now?

Saying go is your kitty still a
In an instant enmity can be made,
But also at the second moment
Where can one be persuaded?

Try to grow up
It gets bigger,
But getting smaller again,
Where does it happen to anyone?

12000 LRD Recruitment Comming soon Related News Report.