Nidan Kasoti 2021 Aayojan Excel File

Nidan Kasoti 2021 Planning Excel file Helpful for Primary School

Diagnostic test is to be taken in the year 2021 for the students of standard 3 to 8 in primary school.  Under which this excel file will be useful to you.  This includes forms like student attendance, absenteeism, timetable, seating arrangement, observation sheet, etc ...  In which you will be able to use different forms by making necessary corrections as required.

Nidan Kasoti 2021 Planning Excel File

◆ Editable file

◆ A file that can be printed in A4 size

 ◆ Ready made time table

 ◆ Block Wise Seating Arrangement

 ◆ Inspection sheet

 ◆ Paper checking sheet

 ◆ Student Attendance Form

 ◆ Student Absence Form

Note: Please read the instructions carefully and use them.

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Diagnostic Test 2021 Planning Excel File Distribute this file to all primary schools...

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