Std.1 Pravesh Babat Latest Paripatra 23-12-2020

RTE Std.1 Pravesh Vay Maryada Babat Latest Paripatra 23-12-2020

Gujarat RTE Rules-2012 Matter of taking action as per the notification of the Education Department regarding the amendment made in Rule No. 3. 

According to the above subject and context, to state that under RTE-Act 2009, Gujarat RTE. Rules 2012 have been implemented in the entire state.

Gujarat RTE through notification of education department. The following changes have been made in Rule No. 03 (1) of Rules 2012.

You can download and read the official circular given below for more information.

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Chepter-2 : Mafat ane Farjiyat SHikshan no adhikar

3.(1) Shaikshanik varsh na 1 junna roj je balakni ummar nu 6th varsh purn thayu na hoy teva balak ne Samanya rite Prarambhik shala ma pravesh aapvama aavshe nahi.

Shaikshanik varsh  2020-21, 2021-22 ane 2022-23 darmiyan, Koi balake Te shaikshanik varsh na 1st June ae 5 Varsh ni vay purn karela hoy to te je te varsh ma pravesh melavava patra raheshe. 

Not getting success is not a matter of concern but it is a matter of concern not to make efforts for success.  Failing not to try is more humiliating than trying to fail.

One thing and man does not learn from success as much as failure learns.  Failure always leads to an experienced human being.

Be unsuccessful, never mind, but never be uninterested.  The unsuccessful person has 100% chance of succeeding in life, as long as he keeps trying.

Respected and revered is not your success but your struggle, your effort.  Successful people do not do anything new, but trying people definitely have the ability to do something new one day.

Your confidence should always remain.  Your courage should never be weakened.  Remain persistent, do not get success, but you will definitely get respect.

Do not lose courage, God neither do it.

Smiling, pass life.

Correction letter regarding the age at which a child will get admission in a private school for free.