Pravrutio No Khajano Very Useful pdf for Sudents & Teachers

"Pravrutio No Khajano" In this pdf file there are 143 Study Activities for Helping students Learning.. There are many Activities helpful for best study.. Also Helpful for Teachers & Parents.. Download this file by below link and Use it for free time...

This file created by Bharat Chauhan "O-Kanha" Special thanks for provide one of the best Activity file..

Pravrutio No Khajano:

Aa file ma Ghani Pravrutio Aapeli chhe Jevi ke...
  • Kavi Lekhak - Shabd Choras
  • Mahapurush na nam - Shabd Choras
  • Vadapradhan na nam - Shabd Choras
  • Rashtrapati na Nam - Shabd Choras
  • Ghadiyal ma ketla Vagya
  • Paxio na nam
  • ABCD Sikhie
  • 1 to 100 anko
  • Sudoku
  • ABCD - khutta axaro
  • Jilla na Nam
  • Fal na chitro
  • Fulo na Chitro
  • Shakbhaji pothi
  • Fal pothi
  • English ma var
  • English ma Mahina na nam
  • Paxio ne olkho
  • Pranio ne olkho
  • Sarir na Ango
  • Ane biji ghani badhi pravutio...


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