Corona Virus Anvaye Rajya Ni School & College bandh Rakhva Babat Shixan Vibhag Letter

Corona Virus Anvaye Rajya Ni School & College bandh Rakhva Babat Shixan Vibhag Letter

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16/3/2020 thi 29/3/2020 sudhi school ma shaikshanik kary bandh .
All staff ne hajar rahevanu .
10/12 ni board ni exam chalu .

Collecting information about the specific strengths (sounds, smells, visions) of animals from pictures / elders / books / newspapers / magazines / web resources / museums etc. as well as the flora and fauna of various land forms such as plains, hilly terrain, desert etc. Collecting Information

Discuss with different teachers or elders about different customs, habits, traditions of different regions, and visit museums to find information about food, clothing, housing, water sources, living equipment, pictures, etc. of those regions.

To arrange visits to petrol pumps, natural centers, scienceparks, water treatment plants, banks, health centers, sanctuaries, cooperatives, monuments, museums etc. If possible, observe, discuss and exchange experiences with people from different distant lands as well as people of different folklife and lifestyles

Observe and exchange experiences of simple experiments / activities for things like water evaporation, condensation, dissolution of substances in water, deterioration of food, germination of seeds and growth of roots and branches.

To carry out simple experiments or activities to test the properties and properties of substances / seeds / water / unused materials etc.

Official Letter: Click Here

How will the trees / plants grown around you be awake? How could the seeds of vegetation have moved from one place to another? Who will water the plants in the forest? Who will own it? Etc. Critically reflect on questions.